Tuesday, November 27, 2007

All I Want for Christmas...is a Cooking Channel

Dear Santa,
I've been good.
And, I've been thinking.

All I want for Christmas is a "Cooking Channel."

(Not sure if you get the "Food Channel" up there in the North Pole,
But - as their slogan says - they are "Way More Than Cooking.")

And, I want cooking.

I want Alton Brown teaching the whys with the hows.

And, Rick Bayless showing how to use real chiles in my Mexican and Yucatecan dishes.

Jacques Pépin demonstrating how to French stuff up without being snooty.

Julia (Ms. Child needs no last name) in her French Chef series to teach me sauces and show me chickens in their full chickendom.

Christopher Kimball and America's Test Kitchen to do some of the legwork.

Lidia Bastianich demonstrating that Italian food can be simple, hearty and good.

And, can you please toss in Mario Batali to give the man's side of that same message?

For dessert, can I please have Gale Gand making....anything?

I don't need more EVOO.
Or, ways to semi-make anything.
I don't need to see vacation spots.
Or, to know how to eat on $40 in any city.
And, honestly, I have had it up to *here* with the competitions.
(Although, I will make an exception for Iron Chef America...since they show cooking.)

Santa, I appreciate that I can get some these things...
Some of the time...

From PBS.
PBS Create.
The Food Network - when the planets properly align.
And, from my local library by way of DVD.

But, pleeeeease, Santa, can't I just have a channel?
One silly little channel...
Devoted to cooking healthy meals?

A "Cooking" Channel...that isn't "Waaaaay More Than Food"?

Merry Christmas to you and yours,

I hope you enjoy the PB Fudge, Santa.
It's an Alton Brown recipe.

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Anonymous said...

If you find one of these, please don't keep it to yourself, share, share...

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