Thursday, January 3, 2008

Gettin' Greeky With It

So, I've been getting requests for recipes.

OK, I can do that.
Where to start?

This Christmas we had a marathon of "family meals."
You know, when the family is so large that the feasting continues for days with different segments of the family depending on who is in town?

In our case, we had 3 days of food (and fun) ahead.

And, my sis, knowing that I would likely be packing a chill chest - with filled with Kalamata olives, Feta cheese, another cheese called Kasseri, and one more called Kefalotyri - and toting it across two states lines...knew just what to suggest.

Greek Day!

It was a great idea.
I was already planning to make pasitsio (which is like a Greek lasagna) and she asked if we could make a Greek salad (sure, I have a favorite recipe), and some bakalava.

Full Stop.

I had never made bakalava.
But, I know this guy who makes it, and I have access to his recipe.

"OK," I said, "Let's do it!"

Now, while I knew the pastitsio would rock (yeah, I'm a bit confident on that one) we were indeed taking a bit of a risk. You see, we were feeding the non-Greek side of the "fam" and a few friends, too. We had Michiganders, we had a gentleman originally from Mexico and his teen aged son, and a young guy visiting for the first time from Guatemala.

Honestly, we had no idea how this would go over.

Well, I can tell you that their plates were clean when they finished. Granted, they might have been really hungry. Or, waaaay to polite to leave anything on their plates. But, it seemed the meal was enjoyed.

(And, a little birdie told me that the teenager and the young guy from Guatemala each went back for seconds.)


So, while our Greek Fest was a bit of a risk, I think it was well-received.

I'm glad my sis suggested it.
Recipes forthcoming.
Stay tuned. Pin It

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gerbmom said...

Wait! You didn't say.... How did the baklava turn out??
If you need more practice (on this, or all things Greek) come on over!

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