Friday, February 15, 2008

Everything Old is New Again

Recently Gourmet Magazine's website - - underwent an overhaul. And, to me, the best part is the fact that they have begun to digitize archived copies of very old articles.

Here is a sample list of amazing snippets of tasty treats and Americana now available online - for free.

Now, I enjoy paging through old magazines.
Admiring ads, reading recipes, and checking out the advice columns.
Heck, I just purchased a September 1929 Ladies Home Journal off E-bay.

(I thought it would be interesting to hear what the magazine was touting - only one month before the Great Depression hit. And, lifestyles would come to a screeching halt.)

Yet, even though there is no tactile pleasure...
I enjoy Gourmet's archive.

It's not musty.
You don't have to store it.

And, you can search for key words.
Sometimes technology rocks.

Diving into the new online archives, I stopped to read a February 1950 article by James Beard entitled Spécialiés de la Maison - which discusses New York Chophouses.

Chophouses from the 50's.

What struck me most, ironically, was not his his opinion on mutton chops.
But, rather his verdict on decor.

...the glories of well-cooked, well, aged meal in a pleasantly clubby atmosphere, is all but gone. Nowadays, in this chromium-and-plastic age, the comfort, able, massive atmosphere of wood and leather and mellowness seems to have vanished.

"In this chromium-and-plastic age."

There he was in the "atomic age" - one of the periods I admire for its modern looks and sleek style - and James was longing for wood and leather.

He missed the mellowness.

Seems each generation longs for days gone by.
And, I fall right in line.

Thank you to Gourmet Magazine
For letting our "fingers to the walking..."
Through pages of the past. Pin It

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