Friday, March 28, 2008

Just...take...a...chance! Mom n Pop places.

Meet Tina and Babbie of the Past Time Cafe in Crab Orchard, KY.
Babbie made the best cheeseburger I have had in my life.
Tina served it with a smile.
She also let us know the chocolate cake was made right there.

Alton Brown on mom-and-pop roadside joints:
"I watch these people drive by all these fabulous places—to go to ... McDonald's.
It drives me nuts."

There are owners who get up every morning because they love their business - their food. There are servers, waitresses, who really want to tell you which it the good stuff...
And, they enjoy chatting with you.

Look 'em in the eye and ask, "What are you proud of?"
(They might be shocked. But, quietly, respectfully, ask again.)
If they smile and step closer and suggest something, order it.

If they shrug...order a Coke to go.
It's worth the chance for a meal your mouth will love!

People say they want consistency.
They KNOW that their going to get at McDonald's.

Yes.. but what adjectives would you use?
Mouthwatering? Succulent?
Melt-in-your-mouth? Bursting with Flavor?

Does McDonald's leave you WANTING MORE?

When is the last time you made "Mmm-Mmm" sounds?

At the BZB Cafe...
Where I had a cheeseburger, American fries...
And, I bought a ballcap. ;)

The next time you are driving...just stop.
Take. A. Chance.
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Anonymous said...

I have had great experiences just taking a chance and most of the time I am happy that I did. Life is too short to waste precious meals on something you know is mediocre. I have always had the oppportunity/desire to waitress in some great mom & pop places with food I would give my right arm to taste just once more...oh the memories! I am now currently buying a place that I have been managing for almost 3 years and i am soo excited to be one of those places. Hopefully other people wanting something different enjoy my mom and pop.
Surprise! Cafe
Cedarville, Ca

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