Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Amazing Site with 100 Year Old Photos

The original is huge. And, copies are available for purchase.

It's a Jack Delano photo from January 1943 showing two policemen talking in the waiting room of Chicago's Union Station.

If you love photos, or history, or photos of history...
(ok, you get the point)

Then, you need to head to this amazing site - - to take a look at their offerings.

Want to see the photo above in full size?
Shorpy - Union Station 1943

This gal will likely be purchasing a large copy of this moment in time.

For me, Union Station has always been wondrous.
Commuting through it everyday only increased its hold on me.

So, if you like history,
"Do not pass go,
Do not collect $200,
Head straight to Shorpy's site!" Pin It

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