Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Silvadene. The Magic Paste.

Where there's smoke...
There may be fire.

But, I can ASSURE you,
Where there's a 500+ degree pizza oven...
There's my skin.
Waiting for its next burn.

Once again, moving too quickly,
I reached my hand across the table through a maze of hot deep dish pizza pans -
think Whack a Mole, except the Moles stay up and are scorching hot-
for something I needed right away.

And, I got burned - both literally and figuratively.
A nice bubble quickly formed horizontally between the second and third joints of my ring finger.

Course, adrenaline is a funny thing.
I said "ouch" and kept moving.

After the shift I re-evaluated.
"That's gonna to leave a mark."

So, I got home and grabbed the Silvadene.
Now, this stuff might not be for everyone.

(It's definitely NOT for those allergic to sulpha drugs and nursing or pregnant moms.)

But, for me it's a lifesaver.

I took just a bit from the GI-GAN-TO sized tube my Doc prescribed.
(I guess she knows I'm a klutz)
Smeared it on and grabbed for a band-aid.

Now, here's the cool part.
IF I keep it clean - and, IF I keep it covered
(re-applying the ointment daily)
The burn will almost completely disappear.

How do I know?
My burn on a burn from a couple of months ago is nothing but a faded memory.

Again, this isn't for everyone.
Me? I think Silvadene rocks.
"Ask your doctor or pharmacist." Pin It


Jules said...

Dana & I are either the same person or we have the same doctor, but no matter. She's right - Silvadene *does* rock. I know, 'cause I've done extensive personal testing.

I'd like for them to create a "klutzBgone" creme, 'tho. I'd be their very bestest customer ever.

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Well, since I know YOU have the gorgeous blond hair and beautiful eyes, I'm gonna go with "we are not the same person."

So...do we have the same Doc?
Mine goes on mission trips.
Seems to remember my theater hobby - even if I haven't seen her in a year.

And, the best part...
She writes recipes for Hot Toddys on a script - LOL.

That makes me crack up!
And, that's a good thing.
Since...all together now...
"Laughter is the best medicine."

Jules' KlutzBgone Cream.
I'd buy that stock!

Anonymous said...

Ohh I must look into this Silvadene that you speak of....I to am a klutz in the kitchen and burn myself almost weekly.

Thanks for the info Dana.

Anonymous said...

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