Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Boom De Yada! Moo!

Yep, I'm a follower.

Jules posted this. Then Pari and Kat did, too.
Now, I'm doing it.

Cuz, sometimes the lead cow knows where the sweet grass is.
And, those who follow get the good stuff.

Not that I'm calling Jules a cow, or nuttin'.

(If You Tube kills the embed,
you can see the video from the original location -
The Discovery Channel site.)

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Jules said...

Ok so literally - I *just* saw Kat's post and said "well heck,now I can give Dana grief for NOT posting it!!" I can't believe you took that joy away from me ;-)
So waddya think - wanna help me create "Boom De Yada" day? Wherever ya' are at Noon local time on some random day, we all stop what we're doing and sing?

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

I stole yer cow-y thunder.

I'm all for "Boom De Yada" Day!
Might even go as far as to say, my Heart and Soul are in it ;)

Should we go long in picking a date - so there's time to let the idea replicate around the internet? Or, just go short?
*Boom De Yada*

Similar, but different...
What was that thing folks did a few years ago called...when people just show up, let's say at Daley Plaza in Chicago on a certain day at noon - just to see how many folks would show up? That flocking flamed out quickly, but it had a name...

Jules said...

I'd say that the first official day of Summer would be a perfect "Boom De Yada" day. Noon local time.

Oh sure - I remember those. I *wanna* say it's called a "flash happening", but I'm NOT the target age dynamic so perhaps one of your younger readers can help out the old-timers feel a bit more "hip" and "with it" ...

... or whatever kids these days call it.
I'll be over here on the geezer couch.

~lifedramatic~ said...

Me too! I copied it too!!! Hehehe!


kat said...

I'm all for "Boom De Yada" Day!
Might even go as far as to say, my Heart and Soul are in it ;)


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