Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gallery of Regrettable Food - I Lileks it!

There is a really cool video at the end of this post.
Least I think it's neat.
Then again, I also get a kick out of the dish of green worms pictured above.
Er, I mean green "peppers."

If you aren't familiar with James Lileks of Lileks.com,
Allow me to make the introduction.

Fandom of 3, (Dana points), James.
James, the Fandom of 3.

Now, if you have a few minutes, head off of to his site. It has retro hotel stuff, old ads, comics, all sorts of kitsch. I highly recommend the Gallery of Regrettable Food. If you really enjoy it, there's a book that's available at Amazon and your local bookseller.

I own the book, I think it's a hoot.

And, since I'm in love with everything retro...well, most things, maybe not the food, I thought I'd toss in another reason to visit Lileks' site. The videos. I love the video below - if it works - it just makes me smile and all the "new" devices of days past. (If the embed doesn't work, head here to 1958.)

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Jules said...

*runs in, out of breath*
Hi James!!! :-D I'm fan #2 (or #3, I forget honestly). Like the site, 'specially the old ads.

(Dana - sorry for being late. Ya' pointed to James's site and I got kinda distracted there.)

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Welcome back, Jules.
He's a good guy, ain't he?
Turns out he has a daily blog, too.

Now... head off to The Pioneer Woman Cooks! to enter her Free Le Creuset contest!

(Yeah, I really need to add some content, but for now I'll keep glomming off other wonderful sites. Sharing the love.)

In the short term it will be a little Pinky and the Brain. "Where do we go today, Dana?"

Rebecca said...

OH wow, I want some of that cookin' stuff --- the fold down stove tops and the toaster w/the drawer - so cool!! What a wonderful video.

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