Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Free Le Creuset
Better Odds Than Being Struck by Lightning

Hey there food fans.
Enter fast - contest ends tonight.

Just want to let you know that Ree at The Pioneer Woman Cooks! is holding a contest for a brand spanking new Le Creuset Dutch Oven.

Winner gets to choose the color!

Now, with the Odds of Being Struck By Lightning in a Given Year a whopping 1:40,000...this ain't so bad. Let's consider her Kitchen Aide contest from last month - had 18,715 entrants.

Come on!
That's twice the chance...compared to being struck by lightning.

Okay, I really have to let that analogy go.

Off you go to ENTER.
And, while you're there, browse for a while.
She's excellent cook.

And, don't miss her main site The Pioneer Woman which focuses on her ranch, family, and hulky husband - affectionately nick-named "The Marlboro Man." Good readin'. Pin It

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