Thursday, October 23, 2008

Market Day - Think "French" not Schooltime

Today was Market Day for Dana.
Luckily, it didn't involve a school gymnasium and prepackaged foods.
(Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Even though I was under the weather, there were a couple of things I had to get today. You see, the butcher closes at 6:30. And, time was wasting.

Going to the market always makes me feel...happy. Content. Connected to the past. And, I usually find that I don't spend any more money on what I buy from independent sellers that I would spend at the Dominick's or Jewel chain grocers.

So, off I went to Knead Market Place. (If they have a website, I sure couldn't find it.) Great bread, sandwiches and deli. Shown in the photo is a chocolate croissant and one of their thin baguettes. Yep, they also offer wide. In the little white box is tomorrow's lunch - a ham and gruyere quiche.

They even offered tips on reheating is for best enjoyment - which cracked me up, since I hadn't asked. The sweet cashier even offered the tip that the chocolate croissant is also best eaten warm. Or, room temp. But, definitely not cold. Duly noted. And, for chocolate, it makes perfect sense. I really like that girl - knowledgeable and thoughtful. I'll be doing a piece on Knead soon.

Next, off to De Vries Grocery and Meat Market. (Again, if they have a website, I sure couldn't find it.) I love this store. Housed in a early 1920's or so building, it's grocery in one store front and the butcher in the next - with a dairy section connecting the two. (And, if they will grant me an interview, I'll be doing a piece on them, too.) Their store is a tight fit and they have pretty much all the necessities.

I asked the smiling butcher for their largest pork butt. It ended up being 8 lbs. Meanwhile I stared at carnivore TV. Gads, look at all the beautiful cuts of meat...and pork. Wow. And, I got some frozen ground lamb. It's delicious.

The pork will be brined tomorrow and cooked in the early Sat morning hours for a party Sat night. Yum. So, there will likely be more pics of the porky goodness.

And, that chocolate croissant?
As the wise owl in the tree from the 1970's commercials would say, "Thrrrrreeeee!" Pin It

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