Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Video: Jamie's Fowl Dinners-Outstanding
Not For Sensitive Viewers

These videos are not for the feint of heart.
But, they are not overly gruesome, either.
Rather, they are a methodical look at poultry - from the egg to the plate.

The first video is embeded above.
The remaining entire show (broken up into a handful of videos) is available at the "Jamie's Fowl Dinner" link below.

"Jamie's Fowl Dinners" blends a formal dinner in a Gordon Ramsay-style dining room with a helping of Alton Brown insightful interviews and factory walk-throughs focusing on the realities of slaughterhouse procedures. And, then there's a dinner.

Chef Chris Costentino's blog "Offal Good" recently highlighted Jamie Oliver's BBC TV special Jamie's Fowl Dinners.

In his blog, Cosentino wrote:
What can I say but Jamie has got a set of brass ones for doing this, and I think its great more power to him for sticking it to the big food companies who want to treat animals like s***. Battery chickens what a f****d up process, what ever happened to coq a vin, now we know you cant get roosters cause they kill them at birth because they don’t produce eggs. I know this is a bit old but I am proud to show this and stand by Jamie and his efforts. Please take the time to watch theses videos there are graphic but very educational. Not only does Jamie slaughter chickens in front of the dinners he shows them the horrors of factory farmed chicken and eggs. Don't be offended remember this was a show on the BBC all over the UK.

It's un-be-lievable.
I feel much more knowledgeable about the practices. And, not in a yellow journalism can't trace the facts sort of way. Here both the full circle of both the chicken and the egg are each chronicled in a clinical, step-by-step process.

I am a more educated consumer for having watched this.
I highly recommend watching these videos.
If the ebed fails, try:

If you take the time to watch the videos, I'd love your feedback.
How much of this was new to you?
Does this change your buying/consuming habits?

All the best,
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