Monday, March 9, 2009

Coin-operated Vintage Alarm Clock

Since part of this blog is about travel, I thought I would highlight this adorable vintage alarm clock. I saw it being offered offered on E-bay today. Move fast, if you are interested.

I can almost - barely - sorta - remember seeing one of these in a motel room as a little kid. This I know for sure. If there was a coin slot, you could be sure I was begging mom and dad for a coin to put in it.

Did those "Magic Fingers" bed massagers ever work?
But, I still had to try.

Can you imagine having to put a dime in this clock - just to be sure you were up in time the next morning?

Somehow I can picture a traveling aluminum siding salesman walking into to a diner. He's horribly grumpy. You see, the night before, he was setting the coin-operated hotel alarm clock...and the dime got stuck. Then he tossed and turned all night long, afraid he would oversleep.

If only you could pack a small alarm clock in your suitcase.
Now THAT would be something.

"Maybe someday, someone will invent that," he thought.
But for now, he needs a lot more coffee.
The pastel aluminum siding* isn't gonna sell itself.

*A loungelistener photo - love that guy. Pin It

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Vintage Alarm Clock said...

When I think of vintage alarm clocks i think of old style bell ringer clocks that make you feel like you're waking up inside of a black and white movie of some kind... it can also add to the look of your home depending on what you are going for.

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