Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What in the World? Are you taking a breather?

Have you noticed?
Not 5 minutes after Christmas was over, the stores started to shelve the Valentine's stuff. Bleck!

Cheryl at A Pretty Cool Life has noticed a disturbing trend in blogland of ripping down the tree and Christmas decorations...almost as soon as the last present is torn open.

What in the world? Why aren't people taking a breather? For me, I'm relaxing. Chilling. Enjoying the quiet.

(And, the fact that there are no more presents to wrap and the scissors can finally go back in the drawer.)

Not only is our Christmas tree still up - but our Thankful Tree is still up, too. (We just decided to hang our Christmas hats on it.)

Through January, we plan to finish modge-podging our salt ornaments and maybe even create some new ones. Heck, I still have a second ornament wreath that I want to complete.

So, in our house, it's firmly Christmas. Yup. I'm enjoying the holiday - now that all the traveling is done! Later, when I finally decide to let Christmas go...it will still firmly be Winter.

How about you?
Is your tree down?
Are your Christmas Rubbermaid tubs already filled to the brim?
Have you headed to Hobby Lobby for Valentines crafts yet?
Or, are you taking it...slow? Pin It


TJ said...

I like to put away wrapping paper first. Then slowly take down the decorations through out the month while adding more through crafts and after Christmas sales.

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

Slow. I'm still enjoying it all. The tree is still on, the outside lights are shining, and there's still cookies left. Long live Christmas!!!

Jenny said...

Mine are down, only because I am hosting New Years Eve, New Years Day Dinner and then back to school. If I didn't have it down by the 31st, it might still be up on Valentine's Day!

Rachel said...

Never before New Year's Day. There would just be something wrong with that. My family usually gets the Christmas stuff down before Easter. This year, since we had a long weekend for New Year, we got stuff down early. The tree came down January 2nd, the outside lights on the 3rd. That's never happened before (but then, I think we had everything up the first weekend in December, which has also never happened before.) There aren't more than 3 or 4 Christmas things still left out.

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