Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Are Your New Year Traditions & Superstitions?

I casually mentioned that I need to do laundry. You know, cuz it's gonna be the New Year soon.

"You know that superstition, right?" I asked him.

Then I remembered...actually I've only know about that superstition for about a decade myself. Someone warned me that the amount of laundry left in your pile at end of the year will double in the coming one. I can't say if the superstition has any teeth, but I will tell you that I *haven't* been heeding the warning of the cautionary tale - and my laundry has, indeed, been out of control.

Over the past few months I have donated and downsized so much that it's just silly for me *not* to be caught up with my laundry. Not necessarily from a superstitious point of view. Rather, more like, "getting back from vacation and not finding dishes in the sink makes me smile" frame of mind.

How about you?
Food traditions? Cleaning? Gifting? Visiting? Bill paying?

Do you make greens on New year's day?
I hear there are folks that don't wash anything on that day - from laundry to dishes - respecting a tradition about health in the family.

What are your family traditions for New Year's eve or day?
Do you have any superstitions?
Did your Grandma have any superstitions that you remember?
I'd love to read your comment below.
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Jenny said...

We host a traditional southern dinner with family and good friends. We have pork (so our luck won't fly away in the New Year), black eyed peas (for luck and money), collard greens (for wealth), cornbread and sweet tea (for sweet memories of the old year). I also hand out a small bag of dried black eyed peas for each woman to put in her purse. Supposedly if you carry black eyed peas in your purse, you will never run out of money.

I sure hope the laundry superstition is not true, or I am in serious trouble!

Jules said...

Interesting. Considering how gloriously superstitous my family is about so many goofy things, I cannot come up with anything "new year" related. I guess the folks figured we kids were neurotic enough without adding to the load. ;-)

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