Monday, January 25, 2010

A Sweet Birthday Surprise

Er, ignore the pencils in the pic, please - we were doing homework. :)

My blog pal, Lisa, over at The Cutting Edge of Ordinary (an AMAZING food and life blog in my personal opinion, omg, her Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies just *have* to try them)...

Er, was I?
Lisa e-mailed me, asking for my address because she saw something that just screamed Dana.

And, she's right.
I opened the package and I was floored.
Inside was a vintage apron in lots of fun colors - including turquoise - just like in my vintage Fransciscan Starburst* pattern.

Lisa - I love it. Love it.
It was a really nice surprise!

* Some sites say that this pattern contains lead. Others say it's negligible. Me? I really only use the plates for display right now. Before using them, I will likely head to the local hardware store for a lead tester.

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The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

Yeah I'm so happy you like it Dana! It really did screm you when I saw it! Enjoy it! Hugs, Lisa

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