Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine's Gifts and February Home Decor Ideas

I just love my new header photo, don't you?
It's called "Love on the Line" and it's from one my my favorite Etsy stores,

You may recall we did a feature of the artist, Valerie Fuqua in November.
I just love her work.
Here's another one.
This one is called Nature's Valentine.
Ooh, isn't she pretty?

I can think of so many girlfriends I'd like to give a framed print of this photo.

At Christmastime, I bought 3...yep 3... copies of the heart-shaped candy canes,
It Must Be Love. One for my sis, one for my niece and one for me.

Valerie has lots of other photos available. (I should just hand my wallet right now.) Her flower photos are amazing and I tried to resist buying a custom order of her largest sized Daisy Tunnel. I caved.

(If flowers aren't your thing, she has lots more. Me...I have a flower weakness. No, it's a photo weakness. Pretty colors make my heart go pitter-patter.)

Anyway, if you find that your home is stuck in dreary of winter and you need a little COLOR in your day...I hereby give you permission to push that spring envelope just a bit.

Never mind that it's 14 degrees out.
I won't tell.
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Jennifer Juniper said...

The cold weather is really getting me down! Heart shaped candy canes are so cute!

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