Thursday, March 11, 2010

Best Sandwich Ever! (imho...)

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So, last night I mentioned to some folks that I had a pot of onions caramelizing - making the whole place smell all warm and sweet. I'll let you in on what I was making.

Something sweet, salty, savory...
Right now it's my favorite sammy.
A roast beef sandwich with caramelized onions and Boursin cheese.

(Now, I'm *really* very sorry for the bad pic up there. Pictures would turn out so much nicer if I took them in daylight...but most of my shots are at 8 pm. LOL.)

A couple of years ago my friend Karen and her family introduced me to the wonders of Boursin cheese. Are you a familiar? I get the garlic herb one and it's light, creamy...difficult to describe. Sorta like the best garlic cream cheese...or've ever had. (But, it's quite better than that.)

Anyway, I toss a handful of onions in a pot with some butter and let 'em simmer for an hour or so. Grab some Brousin and smear it thickly on some French bread. Pile some rare ruast beef, and pile on the sweet caramelized onions.

And, so easy!
What's your favorite sammy?
I'd love to know!
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sharonjo said...

I've never caramelized onions--shameful I know! Yesterday I made a Buffalo Chicken Pita recipe that called for caramelized onions. I was afraid I'd just burn them so I left them out. I'm sure the pitas would have been so much better had I included them. And the Boursin cheese--I've seen that stuff but never tried it. I'm going to pick up a container and try it out. You've sold me!

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