Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Keeping the Faith - My Prodigal...Tables

A while back I mentioned that I have "dontator's regret" over full sets of vintage living room and bedroom furniture.

Most of it was Heywood-Wakfield.
And, not knowing it's value, I just wanted it gone.
(Growing up...I just hated that blond wood.)

Since then, I've been klunked in the noggin by the vintage bug and I would love to have those pieces back. I never thought I would see pieces like that again - or if I did - they would not be at reasonable prices.

I'm so glad I was wrong.
This is close to one of the pieces I would like to get back.
Guess what?!

I found these tables are on Craigslist...for $35!
Nope, they aren't exactly the same.
Actually, they are the sleek shape that I prefer...but the wood is too dark.
So close. (I was tempted to get them.)

I also found these of the dove-tailed variety.

But, alas, these were $325 (for both) and still not quite what I'm looking for.

I'll be patient and keep the faith.
I bet they'll come home - eventually.

Do you have a prodigal piece?
What toy, game, piece of furniture are you hoping to find one day?
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Lisa said...

I'm a yard salers, thrift shopper, antique scavenger, lol. I love to find old pieces and and re-finish them, or turn them into something else. I'm looking for a piece that I'm not really sure how to descibe. It will be kind of like a bread box, but more of a treasure chest, lol. Sounds strange I know, but when I see it I'll know it. I'm still looking. Maybe this year I'll find it. Oh and Dana, my ex husband had those extact Heywood-Wakfield tables. God know where they are now.

Jennifer Juniper said...

What a coincidence you found them!

I'm guessing my mugs should be hand washed. I haven't experimented with them yet in a dishwasher, but that soap is pretty harsh.

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