Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pottery Barn Free Shipping - Discount Tips
Love Retro Spoon and Fork Wall Art!

Love the giant silver fork and spoon!
And, they are currently on sale at Pier One.
Yet, at $59.99 *each*...
I don't think I'll be buying them anytime soon.

I did put them in my "Buy it On Sale" folder.
Do you have one of those?

My "Buy It On Sale" folder reminds me to head back to websites and hit clearance and After-Season sales to buy items on huge discount. And, I just love Pottery Barn - Free Shipping. Yep, PB frequently offers free shipping on new, sale and clearance items.

Did you know that you can search "Free Shipping" on their site to get a handy list? Yep! After Christmas I made off with a handful of items on Pottery Barn clearance with free shipping.

Sigh. I just adore that giant silverware.
They remind me of the 1970's retro pieces.
Remember these hanging on your aunt's wall?

(If you love this set, it's currently available on E-bay.)

While the wooden Tiki ones are nice, I'll wait patiently on the silver spoon and fork. I'm hoping that Pier One will have them left over at the end of their run. If I can buy them for...oh, let's say $8-10 each, I might bite. Otherwise, I'll just set up an Advanced E-Bay search with a 6 month e-mail reminder so it sends me hits automagically.

I'd really like a set of those on my kitchen walls.
Leave me a pair, will ya?

So, tell us...
What are YOUR tips for getting what you like at a discount?

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