Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sneak Preview - Reception

I was going to apologize for being gone so long...but anyone who has ever tried planning a wedding - during their busiest season at work - already understands.  *grin*

At some point, I will get back to cooking, but for now, I'm planning a little vintage kitchen reception.  Wanna preview?  I'll give you a hint...there's moss rose growing in my kitchen.

Our wedding will be an outdoor event at a gorgeous state park, if the skies cooperate.  If not it will be in an adorable rustic cabin.  So, I thought about going rustic.  And, it's toward the end of September.  So, I thought about decorating in Autumn.  (Except the real yellows and reds and oranges are truly not expected until October.)  And, I even pondered a silver filagree theme.

Much of the stuff I was going to buy was inexpensive enough - $1 for a votive candle holder, etc.  But, when you multiply each and every $1 item and then factor in that (unless you have a real need for votive holders and plate chargers and mirror centerpiece put-them-on-ers) you are really buying things you will never use again.  And, I now understand why centerpieces are given away - who wants 22 of the same thing?

I have it easy.  Tiny wedding.  30...including the bridal party.  Yep, 30 people.  So, only a handful of tables.  And, I decided that even though *everyone AND his mother* will tell you not to, I've decided to bring things I really enjoy to use to decorate our reception.  So, vintage linens, antique cheese boxes, milk glass...well, you get the idea - things I already have - will be making an appearance.  Here's a preview. 

And, I'll see you...well, I'd say soon, but let's just be honest. I'll see you when I see you.  *wink*

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TJ said...

Sounds pretty, just like the bride

Darcy said...

They may say not to, Dana, but I think it's what is going to make your wedding perfect! Besides the fact that you two will be getting married :) I can't wait to see your pics!

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