Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dial-A-Baklava - Only a Phone Call Away!


You guys know I love baklava. Making it. Eating it. I love blogging about it.
Now, normally, I eat it and it goes to my hips. Makes me sweeter, my honey would say.

But, what if eating baklava could BE GOOD for you?
Good for your heart? Good for your soul?

Okay, I might be pushing the analogy a bit here, but a former co-worker of mine put me on to a tasty little secret. His Mom, and a team of "golden hands" are running "Dial-A-Baklava." What's this? Well, you see St. Nicholas church is holding a fund raiser.

You call, they bake...baklava.
What a wonderful idea!

If the embed video above won't play, head to this CLTV link or to the Chicago's Best page.

So, if you live in the Chicago area and would like to dive head long into a fresh baked pan of baklava, grab your nice strong coffee and give a call to ol' St. Nick's.

Dial a Baklava
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
10301 South Kolmar Ave. - Oak Lawn
Phone: (708) 636-5460
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