Friday, September 17, 2010

Vintage Guest Book...Getting its Kicks!

Wow, weddings can be expensive!
Even if you are trying to keep it...real.

So, for each and everything we buy, I'm trying to keep two things in mind.
1) Can this be gotten or made for less? Coupons, etc.
2) Can I make it more personal?

Guest Books.  Apparently, you HAVE to have one. (Okay, actually, I sorta like the idea.) But, I sure don't like the price. Even at Michael's or Hobby Lobby - my two favorite stores - guest books are 20 something. (You can wait for the 50% off sale, but I still don't like them.)

So, I thought how can I make it more personal?
Since we are having a huge board game night the night before our wedding I thought I would see what had to offer.

I found an ADORABLE bingo card notebook and I ordered it right away. Sadly, there was a month long delay in shipment which resulted in no delivery. (The seller DID have a shipping number, but wherever it was delivered to in my town, it wasn't to me.) Refund was received. And, I went off looking for a replacement guest book.

Lo and behold, an even better option was waiting for me!
You prolly know by now that I love all things (well, most things...) retro. Matter of fact, soon I'll be blogging about the coolest ever honeymoon spot which involves an airstream trailer! So, when I saw this notebook with the cover of a vintage board game I fell in love.

The shop is called Another Work In Progress and there are all sorts of upcycled items offered.  Love it!
Here's the description of the book.
This blank spiral bound sketch book/journal measures 5" x 3.75". It is made from the box top of a 1947 version of the card game "Touring" (Parker Brothers).  The front and back covers of this notebook have been laminated and all four corners are rounded. The inside front and back covers are decorated with a patterned card stock. The book is filled with 75 leaves of 70 lbs. text weight 100% post consumer waste recycled paper. It is spiral bound with 7/8" white spiral o-rings. There is a translucent bronze vellum end sheet on either side of the text block.
Seriously adorable.  And, my friend is thinking about bringing a few fine point sharpies of different colors so people can be creative if they want.  Cool.

For me, I think the best part is that it's special.  Personal.  It means something to us.  It can sit on a shelf and it will remind me of our soon-to-be-wonderful honeymoon.  Hitting the open road.  Getting our kicks on Route 66.  And, since we're leaving from Chicago, yep, I'm gonna give ya one more...for the Sinatra fans in the house.

When it comes to wedding "must have's" we're doing it "Our Way!"
So tell us...
Did you personalize anything in your wedding - really make

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Denise Farrell said...

We met when he took a ride on the Dallas streetcar and I was the volunteer operator. He decided to volunteer as well, and during our courtship we spent many hours either operating streetcars or working on them. Our reception was two blocks from the streetcar line and we handed out passes for rides to all of our guests. After the reception, we took our family and streetcar friends for a ride on a streetcar that had a "Just Married" sign in the window and tin cans trailing behind. It was The Best.

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Denise - I *love* that!
Thanks for sharing!

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