Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Etsy Score! - "New" Vintage Glasses!

Lookie what I found on Etsy.com?   Glasses that match our Christmas plates!
(Actually they are our "winter plates.")
Nice, huh? I scored these beauties from Mary Beth Hale's Store which was a bit of a miracle. You see, I've been checking out this pattern for over a year on Ebay. Sure, there are lots of plates. But, I've only seen ONE set of these drinking glasses. There just aren't a lot of them out there. They are over 50 years old - so most of them have been broken, chipped, or the gold overlay has been scrubbed off. (These are definitely "hand washables.")

Is there something you've been seeking to complete a set? If you can't find the item, or more accurately, if you can't find the right price for the item you seek, try Etsy. You don't have to bother with the bidding process - and most of the sellers are FABULOUS! I give 2 Thumbs up for Mary Beth Hale's shop!

What are you looking for?
What did you find after a long search - and where did you find it?

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mary beth said...

Thank you so much Dana! They really are the perfect match to your dishes and I can picture many delightful holiday meals served on your snowflake dishes.

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