Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My First Christmas Plates-
Let's Talk "Goodwill"

For various reasons, past Christmases have either been:
completely bland, boring, and un-festive,
warm, loving, and lovingly decorated.

Let's just say that the "lovingly decorated" was never MY home. You see, the cat doesn't quite appreciate the effort. But, this year it's different. I get to decorate not only my place - but I'll also be helping my guy decorate his place. For him and his son. He and his son. Um, I'm going with "him." of the things I love best about holiday meals at my sister's is her table. She has a few different set of dishes and I love them all. For our Christmas breakfast, she seems to usually set the Cuthbertson Poinsettia plates.

Nice, aren't they? I thought about getting them for myself. But, alas, no. E-bay has them for...$10-15 a plate (not including shipping.) Ack! For Christmas eve, she sometimes sets the Christmas tree plates. I think these are the ones, but I'm not sure.
That's the Spode Christmas Tree style. Let's just say that at the going rate of $65.00 for 4 dinner plates (with an additional $19.10 for shipping) I won't be purchasing those anytime soon.

So, I did some thinking. I tried to remember some of the other warm memories surrounding dinner when I was little. And, then I remembered a bowl. Just one bowl. It's likely stuck in some box someplace. (That's if I haven't already given it to charity...since it was indeed only 1 bowl.) It had gold "atomic" retro stars on it.

(Course, is wasn't retro when I was a little girl. I'm sure when my mom bought it, it was quite in style. If I had to guess, I bet these dishes were available as premiums from the grocery store, gas station, etc. - a different featured piece each week like the Mar-Crest silverware I already replenished via E-bay. )

Then I remembered seeing that plate pattern at Goodwill a few months back. I had smiled back when I saw it - remembering that single sad little bowl.

So, yesterday, off to Goodwill I went. And, guess what? I am now the proud owner of 12, yep, 12 festive gold retro atomic plates!

Royal China Star Glow is the pattern. And, since they range from $1.99 (plus shipping) to $9.99 per plate on E-bay, I was quite content at playing $1.99 per plate to Goodwill. Score! And, because I signed up for their free Member Card, I also got $1.20 off the total. Yea!

(While I didn't see the saucers or cups (or bowls...) in the store, I have already determined that I don't like the solid gold coffee cups that originally went with that pattern. And, I know from previous experience that if you are only looking for saucers (or cups, bowl, lunch plates), you can generally get a really nice deal on E-bay. The most expensive piece is most definitely the dinner plate. (And, platter and chop plates, but I digress.) I'm quite content with my dinner plates.

Yes, I really did buy 12 plates. I plan on using these puppies. I'm not quite sure who I'm gonna be feeding yet - or when. But, they're gonna eat in style off these cool retro plates that make me smile. (Goes so nicely with my atomic patterned Mar-Crest Citation silverware.) Let's just keep the whole Goodwill part a secret now, shall we? *Grin*

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Jules said...

An INCREDIBLE find, Dana!!! And that ya' have Mar-Crest Citation silverware to match is really terrific!
(So that Spode stuff? My Aunt Carol used to have alllll of it. And then the '89 quake occured. Nuf' said.)

DanaMc said...

Oh, Jules. Ooof!
I love the Mar-Crest. My mom had a few of the pieces - I understand it was handed out as a premium like the Star Glow dishes back in the 50s. I decided I liked it enough to get a whole set. (LOL. Actually, because I bought various collections on E-bay...I have like 15 knives, 22 forks of different sizes, a bazillion spoons...ranging from grapefruit to iced tea spoons. ROFL!

Jennifer Juniper said...

That really is a great find. Those snowflakes make me smile, too, and you can use them alllll winter!

Dreamersgal said...

Hi Dana, has been a good morning finding finds in my research. I have 6 of the ice tea spoons which would be great for ice cream sundies. And I have a bunch of the star glow dinnerware too. Must have been a popular set in yesteryears. Dreamersgal

DanaMc said...

Dreamersgal -
How fun! I love the idea of using the iced tea spoons in sundaes! (Makes me realize that I should be keeping and eye out at the local Goodwill for sundae glassware since I don't have any. LOL.)

Yep, I'm guessing the Star Glow was a pretty popular patttern - but, man the prices on E-bay! If I had time, I think money could be made selling Goodwill Starglow. I love the pattern. We're still using the Star-glow pattern since there's still about 4 inches of snow here.

Thanks for dropping by!

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