Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Food: "Intestines with Subcutaneous Fat Covered in Arterial Plaque and Bile"

(Click photos for a close-up.)

The bad news.
A few years ago I tried this experiment at an adult and child costume party.
It failed.
I guess it was just too gross.

The good news.
A co-worker tried it and her kids thought she rocked.
So, I'll pass it along.
Just in case you want to try it.

Ziti or a package of long hollow noodles (details below)
Barilla Pastina or orzo
Red, yellow and green food coloring
A tub of pesto
A tub of Alfredo sauce
Red wine (optional)
Latex gloves to protect your hands from coloring (optional)

Obviously, it would be taste better if you make your own sauces. In this case, I knew that there were children present, so I wanted to leave the pesto in it's original container with the ingredient list showing. Nuts + kids with sensitivities = miserable party.

The hollow tube pasta I used can be found in a Greek or Mediterranean market. (And, you can buy them online.) The brand name is Misko and it's noodle "No. 2." Most Greek markets will have No. 2 or 3 for a lasagne called "Pastitsio." Even if they only have No. 5, it's ok. It will be much thinner.

And, of course, you can always just use whatever you have in the pantry. Barilla Thick Spaghetti, Rigatoni, Ziti or Mostaccoli, would be fine. (Yeah, I like Barilla.)

Since I was feeding kids, and to back off from the grossness factor a bit, I decided against boiling the noodles in wine - which makes them REALLY look blood red. Instead I added lots of red food coloring to the boiling water - which made them pink. (I think they look nice and colon-y in a 50's cartoon sort of way.) Then, in a separate pot, I cooked the baby pastina in water with lots of yellow food coloring added. (You can toss in a drop of green to bump it up a bit.)

Next, I added the pink noodles to the yellow pasta and tossed them with a bit of olive oil so they wouldn't stick - even if they sat a while during the costume party.

That's it for the cooking portion of this shin-dig. All that was left was finding a typewriter font - which reminded me of 1950's style sci-fi movies.
Oooh, scary!
At you can see in the photos, I labeled the noodles and pastina "Intestines and Subcutaneous fat." The alfredo sauce became "Arteial Plaque" and the pesto was a tasty "Bile." And, of course, you could simply label some marinara "blood."

Oh, and in tiny font...I let folks who might not be familiar with tubular pasta know that's what it was. Simply pasta.

(If you think you are losing your mind because this sounds familiar...this is a replay of a post from October 22, 2008.)

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lijhe said...

I think this is brilliant. Love the labels.

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