Friday, October 29, 2010

Simple Organized Foyer

Silly Disclaimer: 
My husband just snapped this shot for me. 
Our table - nope, it's not pretty. 
No cute table runner. 
Not even a cute framed photo of the family. 
Function - pure and simple. 
And, honesty - this is how it looks this very second.

My husband and I have a small table near our back door. (We don't really have a foyer, so we make due.) And, wow that tiny table gets LOADED with junk.

He teases that we need a trash can there. I grin and point to the waste basket in the washroom 3 steps away. He smiles and nods.

But, the piles continued...with both of us as culptrits.

Then, a simple solution.
A divided basket.

I asked him if it was too "high C" for him. (From the DISC Assessment.)
"You kidding? I *love* it!"

Really? He nodded.
Everything we truly needed we could locate at a glance: keys, library and blockbuster card, wallet, (apparently we need dinner mints), the camera for heading out on a walk, etc.

It either goes in the basket or gets put away - because it's now obvious that it goes someplace else.

Loose change goes in the red coffee can.
Purse goes on the shelf underneath.

Those cords? They're for our phones and bluetooths. (There's a surge protector hidden underneath and only the cords show.)

We love it. It's simple.
No - but we *use* it.

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