Wednesday, October 27, 2010

RECALL: Possible "Metal flakes" in Mega Pops Lollipops

There are reports that these lollipops might contain "metal flakes."
So check your Halloween candy.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Miami, FL - October 22, 2010 - A limited number of Mega Pops™ brand lollipops may contain traces of foreign particles, and as a precautionary measure, manufacturer Colombina S.A. is asking customers to return these lollipops to their retailer and instructing retailers to recall the product voluntarily. Colombina believes the product presents no health risk.
Until the situation is resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved, Mega Pops will be temporarily unavailable in the U.S., as Colombina has asked retailers to remove the product voluntarily as a precaution.
Customers who return the product to the store where they purchased the product may receive a refund or store credit for the purchase price of the product. The offer applies to all bags of Mega Pops about which customers may have a concern, regardless of lot number.

For additional information, see the FDA's Firm Press Release.

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