Monday, November 1, 2010

What's Hanging on YOUR door?

I love in Chicagoland.
And, that the politicians, the weather is temperamental.
I say this by way of explanation.
Why I'm blogging an idea - rather than a completed project.

You see, Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick blogged about beautiful front doors in Indiana. She included the pic above.

I was inspired by the sunflower wreath on the door.
Here's a close-up.
Pixelated blurry close-up, that is.
And, I imagined what my own fall wreath would look like. It would have all sorts of sunflowers going all sorts of ways.
Sort of like this one. Except my sunflowers would be all rusty sunset gold.

So, why don't I make it?
Well, in no time at all one of my two (yes, two) Christmas wreaths will be up on the door. And, it will be snowing. And, windy and blowing and VERY un "sunset sunflower-like." Gotta love Chicago.

Okay, truth by told, I *still* might make a Rusty Sunset Gold Wreath.
I love the idea so mush.
We'll see.

What do YOU have on your door right now?

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