Thursday, November 4, 2010

What do YOU put up there?

I love this kitchen.
This picture is from a 1949 US Department of Agriculture film demonstrating a U-shaped kitchen developed by the housing staff of the Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics.

Whew! Wasn't that a mouthful?
I was watching the film, excepting to get a good laugh, but there are some wonderful ideas in there. I'll include the link below for you and you can check it out in a moment. But, for now, I'm wondering...

What do you put above your stove? You know, that (probably) large empty place that's almost too difficult to reach?

I used to put pitchers in there. (How did I end up with so many pitchers - and why haven't I donated them already?) Then I put bulk storage (read:lots and lots of cans of Folger's coffee that I bought on an amazing sale.) Lately, it's been home to a giant popcorn bowl and some other plastic odds and ends.

Let's see that picture again - along with another of some other counter space.

Looks like she has serving dishes up there.
Hmm. Good idea - as long as reaching up isn't going to make you scald yourself or catch on fire.  In that left pic, above the stove, I just can't justify having those boxes of food up there.  It's too hot.  Can you say...bugs.  Blech.

Yet, she is really making good use of space.  Those cake pans - in both pics - I love that they are in what I could call my "dead space."  I do need access to them, but not everyday.  Mine don't have to be rested on their sides - stacked will be fine.  My stove won't be on when I get them out for baking, so safety won't be an issue.  And, they aren't heavy, so weight won't be either.

Looks like I might have found a new place for my cake pans. And, maybe my 13x9s and glass pie dishes, too.

So, tell me, what do YOU put above your stove?
What ideas have you tried...and discard along the way? 
What is the most functional use of space in your kitchen?
I'd love to know!

Thank you to Pam Kueber, at Retro Renovation for this topic. After you comment, don't forget to enjoy the original 13 minute US Department of Agriculture film with a smile.
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Jennifer Juniper said...

When I designed this kitchen I'm in now, I included a hood for the stove and then a decorative shelf because I could never reach up there to put anything in the cupboard in my last house!

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Jennifer, excellent idea of how to use what would have been unwanted space!

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