Friday, November 5, 2010

What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

A pal o mine was chatting about the McRib. And, I got kinda uneasy. Not from eating one! But, rather from the fact that I felt guilty...for wanting one.

Just the day before, I passed a McDonald's and saw the sign. "McRib Now Here!" and it had the price. (It was like $2.79 or something.) And, I thought, I WANT one of those. Yet, I didn't buy one. Cuz I think I remember that the last time I WANTED one of those i was very displeased. And, whatever the price was it was waaay more than I wanted to spend for 3 large bites of BBQ sauced McSammy.

So, I bought a Big Mac instead.
And, I loved it.
There's my confession for the day.

So, what's your guilty pleasure?
Fess up!
What causes a "rumbly in your tumbly" every time you think of it?

Oh, and I'll add Chinese food. Good greasy flavorful Chinese food. My hubby just introduced me to his favorite spot and we've ordered pork fried rice and egg foo young from them practically every week. Yum!

What's your (guilty) pleasure?
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Anonymous said...

After having a freshly-made corn dog at a Fun Fair when I was 7 they always bring me back.
Crispy outside and tender inside my first ever taste of mustard. I never liked mustard on anything until I was in my 30’s
They were delicious and flavorful, and it was probably the best corn dog I’ve ever eaten.

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