Friday, December 17, 2010

Holidays & Happiness - For Better and Worse
Thanks, Sis.

Our Christmas party...did not turn out as we expected.

The night before, there was a tragedy which affected a few of the invited.
Our hearts were with them as they did what they needed to.

It put a solemn touch on the day. But, I think it just underlined the important of focusing on loving those around us. Never taking a moment for granted. Our family knows that all too well.

Yet, there was food on the stove and people on their way...

Once the folks who could attend had arrived and coats were off,  I looked around. The standing light in the corner was wrapped in greenery and little rustic twine ornaments of red and brown balls with white lights shining through them.
The needlepoint stockings hung from the faux mantle wood shelf with cedar garland draped over it. Our baby Christmas tree was decorated tip to toe in last year's salt dough ornaments (Eli and Tim took care of decorating the whole tree and it looked FAB!)
I tossed a vintage red and blue tablecloth on the table and it worked really well with the Christmas stockings. Tim took the 3 tiered silver vintage cake stand and made it the centerpiece using the left-over vintage candy from the wedding. Eli felt inspired by the pixie sticks and grabbed our white with red trimmed coffee mugs and placed them around the room with the multi-colored sticks sticking out - reminding me of little vintage sputnik ornaments.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that while I was in the kitchen, Tim had been walking around the living room lighting all of the twine wrapped candles giving the room a warm glow. And, lastly there was food galore and, courtesy of Eli, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was playing quietly on the TV.

We laughed and ate.
And, at one point all of the adults were watching Charlie Brown. Who can resist Linus? "I know the true meaning of Christmas, Charlie Brown!"

It was warm. And, wonderful.
And, I thought of you.

I wouldn't know "how" to make such a loving Christmas without all those years spent at your home.
Thanks, Sis.
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Joey said...

It is true, you need to live in the moment and appreciate what you have right now. I try to live like this and to encourage others to do so too.

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