Monday, January 24, 2011

Picture Postcards - And Magic Revolving Doors

Remember those ABC After-school specials?
I always liked those - not because of the drugs or whatever was the abuse of the week. But, rather I liked them for their dive into history. So many times the main character would go through a revolving glass door in a drug store and wind up in a time gone by. You got a chance to see (at least Hollywood's version) of what life was like in that era.

Pleasantville, It's a Wonderful Life, To Have and Have Not...they all take me back. Well, take me there - it's not like I can go back to someplace I've never been.

I get that same feeling taking the Metra commuter train into Chicago. Or, riding the El "Elevated train" around the second stories in the Loop. I love to see the intricate architecture - corbels - visible only from that height. You get a chance to see the ghosts of those painted billboards on the side of huge expanses of wall - barely there, yet legible - still proclaiming the craft, the location, and perhaps be forewarned that they are "Closed on Sundays!"

If my emotions were true to the times, I should look at those and feel hungry, tired and poor. (And, likely feeling recent relief from "yearning to be free" with the rest of the huddles masses.) But, my emotions are not accurate to the time, thank goodness, and I'm filled with warmth, comfort and I'm energized - imagining early cars on the road, kids selling papers and ladies shopping wearing gloves and big hats.

Let's see that snapshot again.
That's a 1905 image of Chicago being sold on Ebay by Postcardsusa.
I could get lost for hours in images like that.

I do have one memory of a real-life time - someplace where I can literally be "taken back."

My family and I were in Mackinac Island, Michigan where life is lived, in many ways, like it was in at the turn of the last century. There are no cars allowed on the island. Our hotel has no air conditioning, and the TVs in the rooms were apparently a new addition - a concession after receiving so many complaints from guests who couldn't go without.

Here's a pic I took down the road from our hotel on Mackinac Island...
where the most used mode of transportation is bicycle.

What draws YOU in?
If you could walk through a magic revolving door...
Where would you like to visit for a day?
Tell us below!

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