Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A 60 Second Trip Down Route 66

First, if you missed Darcy's story in Featured Artist Friday,
go ahead and take a look.

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Okay ladies and gents! Off we go on the trip of a lifetime.
60 Second Trip down Route 66. And, the best part?
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So, let's hop in our Airstream trailer...

And, like Lucy in "The Long, Long Trailer" we might need an apron...

We don't have long, so while Desi drives,
We'll whip up something quick in our lovely pyrex bowls...

*Rumble, rumble*
Ah, we're slowing down...

Time to stretch our legs.
Oh, Mary Lou's kids will love this postcard!
No time to dilly-dally, though. We're off again...

Flagstaff was very nice. (Though after seeing the Grand Canyon, the Meteor Crater was kind dinky.)
It's ok, there's so much we've seen we haven't even mentioned...

*Bump, bump*
I think we're home!
Are we early?

Right on time-ish.
I really could use a nap. Or, maybe read a book.

I thought I left my glasses on the bed side table, or maybe...

Could they be on the coffee table?
Ah, well, who needs to read anyway...

Honestly, I wouldn't mind a drink.
Something fruity and frosty would be great.
Nothing strong - little Billy and Suzie are coming over later...

And, you just KNOW the'll want to play Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots again.
But, one thing's for sure!

No matter how much they beg...
I'm NOT getting on those skates again!

Hope you enjoyed our little trip down memory lane.
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What's your dream road trip?
Or, have you take a road trip that brings back strong memories?

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