Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chia Granny and Take a Spring Fling!

First, if you missed Darcy's story in Featured Artist Friday,
go ahead and take a look.

With an interview and a 40% off coupon code - it's worth checking out.

Are you getting in the mood for a Spring Fling?
Getting antsy to spend some time outdoors?
I know I am - but it's still 32 in Chicagoland. Brr!

Since a girl can dream, I'd be sitting in these chairs - rocking chairs!
They would be great to relax in and sit great for putting around a table for outdoor dining.
Speaking of dining...

I really like these sunflower plates.
Lots of color! They make me smile. Or, how about these?

These watermelon plates actually have a sister big bowl.
I can imagine fruit salad in it - but a cold pasta salad as well.
I'm such a rule breaker!
Now for a little pretty...

Nope, that won't work.
I think the idea is for the plants to look like a fabulous Easter bonnet.
Mine would make her look like Chia Granny!
Continuing the search...

Ah, much better.
This terra cotta bunny planter can be go next to the rocking chairs or function as a centerpiece - score!
Now for some romance...

Perfect. Can't beat candlelight for romance.
A set of magnolia tea light holders from my pal Rita Squier's shop.

Well, I think my daydreaming is over for now.
I hear it's supposed to be 60 degrees in a few days.
Oh, how I'm looking forward to that!

Do you have a beautiful outdoor space? Tell us!
If not, daydream a little and comment below.
What would your space look like, feel like?
What does the food taste like?

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