Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cherished Memories - Make Them Today! Tell us Yours!

They're only young once.
How true.

The homemade donuts that we made 2 Thanksgivings ago might not hold as much fascination anymore. We were lucky enough to have our camera on hand the day Grandpa taught him how to make meatloaf. (Grandpa makes a mighty fine meatloaf.)

Time moves so fast - and not just with your kids, if you are blessed to have them.  There are your best friend's kids, maybe your nieces and nephews.  Maybe the neighbor's kids.  YOU have the chance to make cherished memories with them.

My sister remembers the Christmas when my mom "volunteered" the entire family - who were staying overnight - to make Christmas card placemats. (Pretend I inserted a photo here, would ya? Thanks!) She gathered up the other Grandma, aunts, the munchkins, and plopped everyone down at a table, assembly line style.

We were in Michigan.
Henry Ford would have been proud.

One person sorted through the old cards with nice decorations while others traced a pencil line around a drinking glass so others could cut the circles out. Then, each decided on their favorites and lined them up in a 10x5 square or so, overlapping just a bit. Clear contact paper was placed over the top and other contact paper with tiny flowers was placed over the back.

Either my Mom or my sister had the wonderful idea to have each of the participants sign one special white circle and we set it as a cornerstone on one of them. That was likely my sis' idea - she gets a feel for when memories are being made.

(I do have a pic of this assembly line. But, I'll have to post that at Christmas time. I think it's packed away. But, the memories are right in reach.)

We used those placemats year after year - and it was a treat to see who had the one with all the signatures. Last Christmas my sister suggested I take some of those placemats home for my new family. We looked through the stack of 12 or so and reminisced. I selected a few. My sis made sure I took the one with the signatures. I'll keep it safe and we'll use them with joy!

What are some of your cherished memories?
Who were they with?
Who is growing up too darn fast?
What new memories do you want to make?
Share with us below!

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