Saturday, August 13, 2011

Healthy & Handy Packed Lunch Tips - For Kids & Adults

Now that's an idea I can really sink my teeth into. The Container Store is really getting into the lunchtime containers - and they teamed up with Whole Foods to offer a video about it. (Link below.)

I'm imagining all of the veggies and dip I could put in my own lunch with this baby. And, I like their idea of sushi, too - as long at it's veggies and not seafood!

I learned a lot about both The Container Store and Whole foods in this vid. For example, these containers are all "BFA Free." This cube is cute, huh? It folds up nicely.

Learned a lot about Whole Foods, too. Didn't know that when you shop there you are getting no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. And, no hydrogenated oils, either.

(Not that I mind a bit of butter in my pie crust - or lard in my fried chicken, just being honest here. LOL)

This box looks like it would be nice for adult sized sandwiches. Of course, at your local grocery store there's colorful one for kids. I'm not sure if the Wonder Bread container is BFA free yet. Might be.
If you have a moment, you can see the whole video from the fine folks at Container Store and Whole Foods. And, nope, I didn't get a penny from The Container Store or Whole Foods for telling you about them!

As a kid, what was your favorite packed lunch?
What did you hate?
If modern containers were available then,
what would you have liked to find in your lunch?
Tell us below.

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