Monday, August 15, 2011

Pressure Cooker - Inspirational Story of 3 Students Longing For a Culinary Future

Looking for an inspiring movie for yourself or your teens? This isn't's gritty and real - focusing on a Philly teacher's culinary class and a group of 13 students vying for scholarships to culinary school. Three student stories are highlighted.

In between touchdowns, taking are of special needs siblings and in many cases, assuming the parental roles in the family - these kids find the time to practice their tourné.

Pressure Cooker is available on Netflix for DVD and streaming - so you can watch tonight.

Want a preview?

Three Philadelphia high school students negotiate the challenges of the inner city and the demands of their tough-minded culinary arts teacher, Wilma Stephenson, to become contenders in a citywide cooking competition. Charming and surprisingly hilarious, Jennifer Grausman and Mark Becker's inspiring, Emmy-nominated documentary showcases the heights young minds can reach, regardless of their environment, when they're expected to succeed.
Enjoy :)
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