Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday FREE-FOR-ALL! (Linky Party #4)


BE visit us next week for a really nice Giveaway.
Really. Nice.

As in I want it for myself.
And, I might have to convince a jolly old fat man to get it for me!


So this is our 4th party.
And, I'm not sure if we should continue, or not.
I think the fact that it's the holiday season means that we are all busier.
Yet, I think it's a time when we enjoy looking to see what others are doing, to inspire us.
(At least that's true for me!)

We'll try a few more weeks.
If you want this party to continue, please let us know in the comments
or be sure to link up a post or 2.

Speaking of comments...
Occasionally, you will see "Comments Disabled."
Don't believe it!

In that case, just look for the purple bar near the bottom
that says "Click here to comment."

And, if you want to pass along the word via FB and Twitter...
well, let's just say I can pass along a good word to a jolly old fat man for you :)

Okay! On to this week's favorites!

This Marshmallow Wreath
from Eclectically Vintage is such a tasty holiday adornment!

Speaking of tasty, we'll be trying these Herb & Garlic Sweet Potato Fries
from Sarah's Cucina Bella very soon!

I think Heidi from All The Brings Joy
was reading my mind with her Pine Cone Home Decor.
We have a LOT of pine cones,
and I was planning something like this.
Now I can glance at her's for tips!


Are you ready to scroll down and link up?!

What can you link up?
Recipes! Craft or Home Decor Tutorials! Teachable moments!
But, no direct links to Etsy shops, please...
Instead, you can link up a post which featured your Etsy shop!

Be sure to link up your permalink - not just your blog.
What's a permalink? For example:

Link back to us!
Please put our "Friday FREE-FOR-ALL" button
or a link to our blog on your post.

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We all enjoy comments, right?

Tell the World!
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The more people know about the party...
The more people see your post!

Not really sure what a Linky Party is? No worries!
Donna at Funky Junk has written simple step-by step directions for you!
Check 'em out!

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