Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Let's Plan a Girls' Night In!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time to breathe.
If your home is anything like mine, you could use a break.

We've been running around from store to store - just to find Christmas lights! (Is it just me, or are plain old clear non-LED Christmas lights all sold out this year? We eventually found some.)

A Simple Plan.
The gift buying was easy. This year we're not doing any gag gifts. Only practical gifts that people will (hopefully) love. And, I'm buying mostly online.

And, this year my wrapping is a cinch. I'm using gingham craft paper from the local dollar store and twine. Done.

So, while the house is still in complete shambles, I know soon enough that the stockings will be hung by the faux mantle with care. The cookies, candies, and baked goods will be ready. And, the packages will be stacked up in the bedroom - waiting to be wrapped.

Here's my fear.

How It Was Supposed To Happen (Last Year)
Last year, on Christmas morning, we were supposed to be at someone's house at 6 am - crazy, I know - to open gifts. The car was supposed to be packed the night before - so we could drive 2 states to visit more family immediately following the sunrise present thingy.

What Really Happened.(Last Year)
Last year we were up till 3 am wrapping the last of our gifts. After catching a quick wink, when that 5:30 alarm went off I told hubby to go ahead. (It was his side of the family, and it wasn't a problem.) I stayed back, finished the gifts and packed the car. When we finally hit the road we were both exhausted.

The Plan For This Year
I want a Girls' Night In...wrapping party.
Yep, think it's a great idea. Call the girls and book the date. Not too soon - cuz you want to give everyone time to finish shopping. And, not too late - cuz you'll want to see all the pretty packages under the tree.

What They Bring
All the gifts they want to wrap - have em toss them into their trunk. Their wrapping paper, bows - the works, if they want. And, comfy clothes - jammies - if they're game.

I'll Supply...
Extra wrapping paper, bows, TONS of tape, and lots of gift tags. (Am I the only one who ends up using scraps of wrapping paper as gift tags?)

When each gal arrives.
Everyone goes out to empty their trunk. Easy-breazy. Many hands make light work. Don't forget our 2 quick tips to a more inviting home.

Be sure you have munchies on hand. And, don't forget the chocolate. Seriously, unless you are allergic, is there anyone who doesn't love chocolate?

Here's the fun part.
A couple of your friends probably love to wrap gifts. Others might hate it - but they really like choosing music or playing around in the kitchen. It's all good! The presents will get wrapped and you'll all have a blast!!

At the end of the evening, everyone helps pack the cars, you send them off with extra chocolate or goodies, and sit back and admire the lovely gifts - wrapped and under the tree. Success!

Remember to check out Duncan Hines' website to find some great recipes for your holiday get-together! I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective.

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