Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Christmas Home Tour 2011

Welcome to our 2011 Christmas Home Tour.

Here's sneak peek - we're still decorating.
But, some things are just so cute I want to pass them along.

Oh, first a Public Service Announcement.
Later this week is a really nice Giveaway.
Really. Nice. Seriously.

Ready to start the tour?

If you are over 21,you can grab a Perfect Pumpkin Martini.

If you prefer, we've got a great non-alcoholic Pomegranate Granita for you.

This year our tree is mostly filled with homemade ornaments
and cute inside jokes that make us smile.
Like the hedgehog ;)

My hubby had a car nicknamed the hedgehog when we were in college.
It's a fun reminder.

The little wooden train was given to my husband when he was little.
Santa delivered it to his great-grandma's house.
(How ever does Santa know where to find us?!)

We really enjoy having a blend of old and new on our tree.

Yeah, we don't have a star on the top of our tree - or an angel.
We have a Santa Yoda Bobble-Head.
Of course, there's a back-story.
Santa Yoda goes along with...

Our Pez Christmas Tree ornament.
Remind us of...

Our crafty Pez Christmas Tree.

These little wooden birds have been around for years -
some have fared better than others.
They are so cute!

These Hallmark birds are actually new -
but have a vintagy feel to me.

Our "Visit Rock City" birdhouse is from our summer trip...
through IN, KY, TN and GA.

Since we don't have an honest-to-goodness fireplace, this will have to do.
(We love our salt dough ornaments, can ya tell?)
We do have a faux mantle, though.

This year we have a gold vintage inspired mantle.
(There's a hidden vintage Christmas Bear on it.)

More of our mantle is here.

These are our ticky-tacky trailer lights.
On our honeymoon, we stayed in an Airstream Trailer.

Can you see the tiny "Airstream" license plate?

This pair of reindeer was made for me by a dear co-worker when I was 17.
Mary, I'll always think of you when I put them out.

Tink, our Main Coon,
would like to wish you a very merry Christmas -
filled with love and laughter.

Thank you for visiting.
It's been great to have you with us.

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