Monday, December 5, 2011

A Road Trip Inspired Festive Garland - Trees & Stars

Christmas Garland DIY Vacation Map

Festive Map Garland

Have you ever noticed our Categories to the right and down a bit?
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Today's project falls into three Categories - Festive, Simple and Free!

Our family loves to travel - especially by car.
Our other blog, "Feasting on Americana" takes a look at some of our travels...and road food!

So, I was thinking, "How can I upcycle a few of our maps from recent trips?" After all, "green" is one of the colors of the season!

Festive Vacation Map Holiday Garland

I decided to decorate our mantel geared toward the open road. (Pardon the pun.)
Now, if your family travels more by sea or plane, I bet you can easily do that, too!

The vintage metal truck is from a family business long ago. And, the cute Swedish horses are also family heirlooms from my hubby's side. The Rock City birdhouse is a new souvenir from our recent trip down to Georgia by way of Mammoth Cave National Park and many other fun stops along the way.

travel map DIY Christmas Garland
I just love the way you can read details from the maps on the garland. And, it was easy as pie. Wait, easier.

Here are a couple of tips.
It's great if you can cut them from sheets that have maps on both sides. (Old outdated Ran McNally map books would be perfect!)

I didn't have any of those clear round sticky hole protector thingies. (And, I was a too lazy too busy with putting up the tree to go to the store.) So, I just used a small piece of Scotch tape instead.) That's pretty much it.

DIY Christmas Tree Travel Map Garland

A Christmas Tree Garland seemed was obvious to try, too. 
I like it a lot - but the stars are what stayed on the mantel for the season 

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