Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quick and Tasty Couscous Dinner (Vegetarian, too!)

Simple easy dinner inspiration.
Can we be honest?

In our home sometimes the violin lessons, track meets or church youth group take precedence over the homemade parmesan bread I would like to make. And, Greek pastitsio with sauce that cooks for hours and messing with paper-thin phyllo dough to make baklava won't be happening either.

Sometimes I'm looking for food that's quick, easy, tasty...and in my freezer and pantry. If I can make it in 30 minutes or less, I'm smiling. What if I told you that this meal is vegetarian? Are you smiling now, too?

Here's the team.
The Morningstar Chicken Patties are a staple in our home. (And, no this isn't a paid endorsement!) You've heard me talk about them before since I use them all the time in my Sizzler's Malibu chicken taste-alike recipe.

Here's the secret...they really aren't chicken. So, if you are looking for a "Meatless Monday" dinner, this is a nice option.

(My husband seriously loves these patties. They are perfect as a meatless Chicken Parmigiana, too. We wait for a super sale, save up coupons, then buy in bulk when they go on sale.)

After the fake-out chicken, we have the basil and herb couscous. Quick and easy. I mix a teaspoon of the herbs mix in the veggies.

Which veggies? The Green Giant antioxidant blend. Tossing in a little extra butter and a tad of garlic powder makes 'em even better.

Preheat the oven, toss the veggies in the microwave, couscous in a small pan. Doesn't get much easier than that. If you try it, let me know.

So, where the Friday FREE-FOR-ALL been?
Well, it's on hiatus for now. There are just too many projects and recipes I have in the works right now. Things I'm really excited about! Like the Jimmy John's kitchen we're making!

If you need more inspiration, check out the How Quick (Meals) button in the sidebar. And, of course there's How Healthy and How Tasty, too.

So, what is your "go-to" meal for something quick and healthy?
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