Monday, January 23, 2012

10 Easy Steps to Finding Your Perfect Paint Color
(Our Jimmy John's Kitchen Redesign - Part 2)

When is the last time you chose a paint color?
Was it easy?
Did it take forever to choose a color?

We recently let you in on a secret - we're turning our kitchen into a Jimmy John's!
Wanna catch up?

Part 1- The Why.
Did we seriously have Jimmy John's cater our wedding?
The design plans, and some catastrophic before shots.

Part 2 - The How. You are here!
BOLD COLORS - How can you be sure you will love them?
Here's 10 easy steps to fool-proof color picking!

Part 3 - The What.
Jimmy John's is a restaurant. Ours is a home. How do you make one into the other - ON A BUDGET?! See pics of the restaurant and the annotations of what we felt were the most important aspects we needed to replicate in our kitchen. Details about windows, walls, curtains, stainless switch plates, ceiling fixtures, etc.

Part 4. The reveal!
See the Before and Afters, the Master Project List, "Where can I buy it?" list, and...announcing the Next Project!

A while back told you that if you look at the colors we've chosen they look like a banana split.

Yet, they're perfect on the walls!

Life is too short to live with a room color you hate.
This is a lesson I learned after 5 years in a strawberry pink room.
(No joke.)

Here's what I do so I:
Don't have to live with a color I hate.
Don't have to buy a second color.
Don't have to re-paint a room.

1. I usually go to the store and find 10 or so paint chips that I like.

2. I grab 3-4 copies of the same chips.
(Yes, I'm leaving with 30-40 chips.)

3. I cut out a chip I like, times 3, and tape 'em on the back so it's one big swatch of color.

4. Repeat for the other 9 choices.

5. Tape white paper together to make a large neutral canvas and tape it to the wall in question.

6. Tape each of the 10 swatches on the paper - leaving a lot of space in between.

7. Decide whether the rooms is used more in the daylight or the nighttime.

8. Look at the colors during the most used time. Remove the obvious "no's."

9. The next day, look at them a second time during the most used time.
(Narrow down the choices to 2 or 3 you can live with.)

10. Look at the remaining 2 or 3 chips during the OTHER time of the day.
(Choose the pretty one and buy it!)

Even using the fancy thingy they provide with the various types of lighting.
You might be sure it's the right color. Swatch it first. Trust me.

I've been searching high and low for my "in progress shots of our kitchen re-do. (We're 97% done now.) When I find the pics, I'll post em. The kitchen reveal is next Monday! Here's the deets.

Since the choosing our colors was so important in our design,
I figured the steps would be helpful.
Were they?

How do you choose?
(Click the blue button and scroll down to comment.)

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