Friday, February 17, 2012

How to Store Sharp Kitchen Items Safely

Storage of sharp kitchen tools can be a challenge.
Creativity can help.

You may have a mandolin, the slicer, not the musical instrument.
Here’s the problem.

After our kitchen reveal,
I still wasn’t too happy about how we were storing our mandolin –
It’s one sharp puppy.

Our Food, Glorious Food Pinterest board.

If you want to make even thin cuts like these, a mandolin is a great tool!


Even in the “locked” position,
there’s still a little a little room to get a finger next to the blade.
That’s why storing a mandolin in a drawer can be a bad idea.
And, why I would like to have second piece – the finger guard – kept with it.

Not my favorite way to store it – just sticking it in a cheese box-
there on top of the microwave. It’s cute. But, there must be a better way.

Five minutes and two Command Hooks later, I have a better set-up.
Now, the mandolin sits on 2 hooks –
out of the way where we don’t put our hands,
And it's easy to grab when we want it.

Since the youngest member of the family is 14,
and he loves cooking,
he's skilled at using a mandolin.

If we had small children in our home -
we would have chosen a different method.
But, this fits us perfectly.

Now it's stored with the finger guard in place.
(I did have to use a couple pieces of tape to get the guard to stay...don’t tell, okay?)

Do you have any sharp kitchen utensils you are looking for a way to store?
Comment and share!

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