Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quick Organizational Tip

Organization doesn't have to be difficult, complicated or expensive.

Long before we made any moves towards our new kitchen we knew that tomato red would be playing a large role. But, at the moment, the kitchen was sans red. Enter, the coffee cans.

If you don't like red - perhaps blue or yellow are options for you!

We go through coffee like water in our house. That means we have a LOT of empty - perfectly reusable - tomato red canisters. So we put them to use.

We got out our Brother P-Touch labeler, and when I was lazy I just grabbed a Sharpie. At one point we had about 10 in our kitchen cabinets and on the counter - holding everything from AP Flour, wheat flour, brown sugar, live sourdough starter, homemade pancake mix, and even just instant oatmeal packets.

Eventually we pulled our vintage Kromex canisters our of storage and put 'em to use. (You can get decent prices from Etsy, if you are interested.)

And, since our tomato red accent wall had gone from the planning stage to reality, our red canisters now live in closets keeping things organized there.

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