Friday, March 9, 2012

Help! I Can't Stop Finger-Knitting!

Have you tried finger knitting?
I'm addicted.
I made that scarf in 2 hours for about 50 cents.
While watching Netflix.

If you follow us on Facebook,
You got a sneak peek.

I learned about finger knitting from The Nester,
who posted a link to Gussy's tutorial.
It's "easy breezy."

Since I don't knit or crochet, I needed to buy yarn.
(I chose something that would be "forgiving" if messed up while learning.)

I headed to straight to Hobby Lobby -
where I purchased practically everything for my wedding
with either 50% off on sale or 40% off with their weekly coupon.
Gotta love the Lob.

I'm addicted.
I've already made my second scarf.
A colorful Springtime version!

Yes, I've even started a Finger Knitting Board on Pinterest.

Is there a 12 step Finger Knitting program yet?
I'll need one by Sunday.
Can knitting or crocheting be far behind?


Do you finger knit?
Crochet? Knit? Other yarn based craft?

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