Monday, March 19, 2012

Spice Up Your Organization! It's a Cinch!

Organizing Your Spice Drawer - CheaplyI'm so glad I did this quick and easy project!
And, it was a Cinch!

I'm getting ahead of myself.
You see, we've talked before about the importance of fresh spices. We've even talked about some creative storage ideas for your baking soda and some of your bulk spices.

But, I never showed you my spice drawer.
For good reason.

At that point, my spices were living on 2 lazy Susan's.
(Makes me wonder what exactly the little girl did for such a namesake - spin in circles endlessly?)

I had some tall spices, some short.
I tried separating them into frequently used and seldom used. Then I went with savory and sweet. Then I just gave up and dug through each time I needed a spice. Or, worse, they just sat on the counter since I cook so often. But, sunlight isn't good for spices. (Neither is heat - so I do not keep my spices lined up on the back of the stove like Mom did.)

So, I took a virtual trip to The Container Store.
(Nope, this post isn't sponsored by them - I just love 'em.) With my drawer dimensions in hand, I looked through the options. I ended up being able to fit 2 of the Linus In-Drawer Spice Racks side by side. Score!
Inexpensive Spice Drawer OrganizationI put my most frequently used in the front row -
Oregano, parsley, bay leaves, onion and garlic powders, etc. That way, I can open the drawer only a few inches when cooking most meals - even keep it open if I'm preparing many dishes - and it's not in the way. The lesser used spices are in the top rows.

How to Organize Your Spice Drawer - Frugally
Wanna know a secret?
My spice drawer is misleading.

No, you aren't going to find gyros seasoning in the cinnamon shaker. (I have my own shakers for my custom blends.) But, you will sometimes find Penzey's Spices in McCormick bottles. You see, I grew up with the vintage olive green McCormick bottles. And, even though they have been replaced by the black tops, those glass bottles still make me smile.

I guess now that we finished our kitchen walls and shelving it's time to hit inside the cabinets, too.
So, I'm sharing my new organized spice drawer.
I love it!
And, It Was a Cinch!

the space between

Do you keep your spices in a cabinet?
In a drawer?
On the counter or stove?
Which spices do you use most?

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