Saturday, June 9, 2012

Geese, the Hokey Pokey, and Hungry Teenagers.

Momma and the munchkins.
(That is, unless someone tells me that's a male goose.
I'm faking it here.  Poetic license.)

It was goos-a-palooza at the lake.
We counted 6 broods (is that the word?) of geese.

Wanna see da babies up close?

Up close and kinda blurry.  Sorry.
Er, don't worry about that leg sticking out.
It's not broken.

This family kept things loosey goosey.
They valued  valued dong the Hokey Pokey.
You think I'm kidding?

At one point they ALL had their left leg out.
We missed the "shake them all about" part.
I was busy counting families.

Okay, so that's 3 families there.
Two having a water race - each with mom and dad as the engineer and caboose.

Then there's the single mom with the yellow balls of fur.

Looking the other way, there's 3 more families.
I love the way the parents led the way up the cement.

Goose loading and unloading only.

The carefree lifestyle was not for this family.
There would be no Hokey Pokey.

Mom and Dad were going to raise these older goslings correctly.
"Line up, face the water, bums up."

"Hey!  Hey!  
We're do you think you're going?!"

Can you blame them?
ALWAYS hungry :)


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