Friday, June 1, 2012

So, About Fifty Shades of Grey...

Fifty Shades Grey Healthy Christian Books Women

So, about Fifty Shades of Grey...
I'm pretty sure this is one book list that won't include that title.
 And, I'm okay with that.

Let me ask you...

 Looking for some Christian books for women?

Are you trying to keep costs down?

Well, good news!
Darlene, from Time -Warp Wife,
has just opened a new site called $2.99 or Less which features...

Affordable Christian eBooks at your fingertips.

And, if you want to get while the getting's good,
you can sign-up for e-mail notifications when she adds new titles to the list.

I think this is a smashing idea.

(It's sounds so serious...
but I assure you, Jen Hatmaker is rip-roaring hilarious!) 

So, this summer, when I'm not dong a reboot of organizing and cleaning,
I'll be chilling with 7.

What's the last good book you've read?
What's on your list for this summer?

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