Monday, August 13, 2012

Sometimes You Just Use What You've Got.

Can we be real for a few minutes?

So, here's the deal.
I bought an adorable Kindle sleeve on Etsy.
Which I will be sharing with you soon.  :)

But, it's a sleeve - not a stand. 
Which is fine if you are playing Angry Birds.

(Umm, I'm addicted and I totally rock if I do say so myself.  
Even the 14 year old is impressed.)

And, who needs a stand if you are
playing Draw Something with the aforementioned teenager
(Who just can't be turning 15 in a few days because that would be unreal.)

I sure don't need a stand if I'm playing Word Fued or even solitaire.

BUT...if I'm reading a great book, like 7 from Jen Hatmaker things are different. 
I read the entire holding the Kindle the entire time. 
Now I'm reading another of her books, called Interrupted and 
I've just started Unglued by Lysa Ter Keurst.

Bottom line.  I needed a stand.  Immediately.
So, I took inspiration from Amazopia and I used what I had.

Yeah, it's true.  

I'm sitting here reading books by great Christian authors...
On a stand made out of a Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy Box.

Just being real here :)

Now you know what I've been up to.
How about you?

Read any good books lately?
What are your favorite apps?
I'd love to hear.

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